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 (Release date May 10th, 2024) Just in time for summer, Suzy's title track off of her fourth studio album, Beach Beach Beach will be released. This song will have you dreaming of warm sandy beaches and Pina Coladas! This is a really fun song that speaks about dreaming of the beach and living in the mountains. It also talks about the worldwide understanding between married folks that it takes "One in a million to put up with me"! This will definately be one to add to your Summer party playlist!



Praying Right takes us to church musically and figuratively. The song talks about not really knowing if God is listening to us when we pray, and not really feeling worthy to ask for His attention to begin with. Praying Right is due for release on all digital platforms on Good Friday March 29th, 2024. Suzy's 7 song EP "Heartbeat Of A Small Town" will also be available on all platforms featuring additional songs of hope and inspiration : Maybe It's A Gift, Lately, and Change Of Heart.



(March 1, 2024)  Nashville, TN - Suzy Nash, one of the notable new voices in the country music scene, is set to captivate new fans with her emotionally charged new single, "Saving Grace," that is released today. 


"Saving Grace" delves into the powerful narrative of a woman confronted with life's hardships, echoing the universal themes of family, support, and the unwavering strength found in times of crisis.

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