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Suzy Nash discovered her gift for music early, captivating audiences with her performances since
childhood. Despite enduring hardships, including several failed and even abusive relationships, her
passion for singing remained strong. Working side by side with her current husband Al, she has done
everything from reviving one of the most iconic restaurants on the Treasure Coast of Florida, to recording in Nashville; all while continuing to connect with listeners through her heartfelt live performances. Nash's music, inspired by her own experiences of pain and resilience, seeks to uplift and heal others. Now, at the age of 54 years, in the Spring of
2024 she embarks on a nationwide tour aboard her cherished tour bus (which she calls "Matilda,")
embracing life's adventures with youthful exuberance. Nash's story is one of triumph over adversity,
illustrating the transformative power of music to inspire and unite, and showing that it is never too
late to pursue one’s dreams.

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