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"I listened to her CD the whole way to North Carolina! I love her music!"

- Joy S.- Fan

"One of the most versatile and talented vocalists

I have ever heard! "

- John Tirckle , Music Today Post

"Her voice is like and angel"

- Mike Mahoney


When she is not performing...


When Al and Suzy are not performing, they share another passion, providing assistance and support for our homeless veterans.


As members of the Angels of Hope Outreach , Suzy and Al routinely visit homeless camps in and around their home of Fort Pierce, FL with a single goal in mind... to identify homeless veterans and assist them in ensuring that they are receiving all benefits available through our government that they have earned through their service to our country. 


Suzy and Al also personally routinely assist in bringing critical supplies (food, drink, clothing, etc) to the camps on a regular basis. These items are paid for solely by donations and other contributions and Suzy and Al (and the band) have done several benefits for Angels of Hope over the past couple of years to help secure those donations.


The Angels of Hope also have a 12-passenger commuter van that is used, among other things, to provide homeless veterans with regular visits to the VA facilities in West Palm Beach, FL - a distance of approximately 50-75 miles from the homeless camps in which they current reside (depending on camp location). 


The ultimate goal of the Angels of Hope is to relocate homeless veterans to permanent, stable housing. We also help them to obtain a copy of their DD-214 and assist with the identification and fulfilment of all paperwork requirements needed to obtain veteran's benefits. 

In 2016, the Angels Of Hope Outreach was able successfully securing permanent housing for 32 homeless veterans. 

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