Suzy sings the Hits of Patsy Cline

Fans have responded so well to her versions of Patsy Cline favorites she decided to dedicate an entire CD to this country legend. While out on tour , Suzy visited Patsy Cline's home town of Winchester Virginia.  While there she spent a few days at Red Velvet Studios. The songs on the album are some of Suzy's favorite Patsy songs! This album will surely be enjoyed for hours to come!

The 10,000 mile tour is complete

Suzy's Eastern United States Tour was a huge success! She logged over 10,000 miles and visited 13 states! The fans were so receptive and welcoming ! One thing is clear, America loves Suzy , and America loves country music! We can't wait until next summer to create some more musical memories!

Suzy Nash on the radio

Suzy will be appearing on the "Mornings with Trucker" Show on WFRB in Cumberland, MD on August 25, 2017 from 8:00 AM - 8:45 AM. She will be talking to Trucker about her latest CD and single, "Country Things" as well as performing live acoustically in the studio. 

Summer Tour 2017

Suzy's summer tour will take her to thirteen states! Click below to see where she will be performing. Please email us if you have a venue suggestion!

Suzy Makes Front Page News TC Palm

What a most beautiful day it was, celebrating Archie's 70th Anniversary and Ms Patty's 25th Anniversary!! It was an amazing day with several of our local artists coming to jam out, support, honor and love on Ms Patty. She has been a super blessing to this community!!!

Suzy Nash music goes digital

Now you can listen to Suzy anywhere!

Find her on all of the mobile music platforms!

Take a look at some of the platforms she is on!

CD Release Party July 2nd Amazing Success!

Thank You to the hundreds of folks that showed up in 100 degree heat to party with us! We are so proud to call Ft Pierce our home base! 

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